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Throughout his life, Rishi Raghav viewed Tennis as an individual sport that solely involved his own progression.  Yet, that all changed in October of 2020 when Rishi saw a young tennis player struggling on court with inadequate instruction. Inspired to help the student rediscover enjoyment within the sport of tennis, Rishi began to work with them through weekly private lessons. Overtime, Rishi began to realize his passion for guiding others through tennis using his own experiences with success and failure. As Rishi's interest in coaching grew, so did his non-profit organization, and the SumTennis non-profit organization was established in early 2021.


At the forefront of SumTennis are two goals: bringing tennis to children in the New Jersey area and giving back to the community. Established in October 2020, this non-profit organization aims to provide an exciting and pressure-free environment for children to get involved in the promising sport of tennis. Students have the opportunity to work with former nationally-ranked coach Rishi Raghav and improve their tennis skills while at the same time having fun and learning key life skills!


Beyond tennis instruction, the broader goal of SumTennis is to raise funds for individuals who have become unemployed due to the Coronavirus. SumTennis objective is to reach the a targeted donation amount of $8,000, following which Rishi Raghav will work alongside alongside his students to use the funds collected to donate necessary supplies and provide support to various community service organizations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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