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Luke's SumTennis Experience

We met Rishi when my 7 years old son almost gave up tennis. I cannot

believe how much my son has changed in one year. Now tennis is his favorite

sport, and he is passionate to pursue more than fun. Rishi is the reason of this

dramatic change.

Rishi makes learning tennis interesting for kids. Rishi plays games with him,

and points out any good hits or mistakes in a positive way to make sure that

he is learning and enjoying this sport. During the games, my son has also

learned many tennis rules. With those solid trainings, recently, he managed

taking couple tournaments independently.

Rishi is willing to communicate with parents and using dynamic strategies to

coach different kids. Rishi always chats with parents at the end of each class

discussing kids’ improvements and any of his concerns. With parents’

feedback, Rishi put great effort to adjust the way he teaches to ensure the

maximum learning efficiency. My son does not like basic foot work training as

“it is too boring and tiring”. After couple discussions, Rishi makes the fitness

training like a competition, which my son loves. He runs, jumps and stretches

with my son. Meanwhile, during water breaks, he chats with my son and tries

to enforce the idea that foot work is the fundamental of tennis. As a parent, I

am very happy to notice the changes on my son’s attitude as well as

improvements on his technic skills.

At last but not least, Rishi is an excellent tennis player and also an

outstanding coach. He points out incorrect movements (gripping, hand

position et al.), mistakes, and wrong strategies in games, he put extra training

on those details, and more importantly, he is patiently waiting for students’

improvement with encouragements. This balance between stress and space

helps my son improve significantly in one year.

I cannot express my thanks enough to Rishi. Not only because he is such a

wonderful tennis coach who inspires my son’s passion on tennis, but also

because he plays as a role model for my son – he teaches him to be

determined, to be self-disciplined, and to be yourself.

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